303 Aerospace Cleaner

303 Aerospace CleanerSafely clean vinyl, metals, paint, plastic, rubber...even carpet and upholstery with one powerful product!

303's new Industrial Strength Aerospace Cleaner is an industrial strength concentrate. It is designed to accomplish even the toughest cleaning jobs safely, without harsh chemicals. 303 Aerospace Cleaner contains no caustics, acids or solvents. It is non-flammable, non-fuming, odorless and rinses residue free.

What makes 303 Aerospace Cleaner so strong is the colloidal action that is unleashed in each bottle. Colloids are molecules attached to soiling particles. When ionized, they become attracted to one another. This attraction is stronger than the force holding the soil to a surface so dirt, grease, and oil are pulled away from the surface and suspended. The mess wipes away easily without the use of harsh chemicals or solvents. Science and practicality are combined into one powerful cleaner.

303 Aerospace Cleaner uses the advanced technology developed for dispersing oil spills and slicks on the open ocean. It is great for automotive care. Use it to degrease engines... it cuts and dissolves even the heaviest greasy build-up. Use it to wipe away road oil, safely clean vinyl, metals, paint, plastic, rubber...even carpet and upholstery. 303 Aerospace Cleaner is powerful enough to clean oil tanker holds and degrease engines, yet is safe enough to wash fruits and vegetables.

The versatility and effectiveness of 303 Aerospace Cleaner will save you the time, money and effort of trying several different cleaners for different jobs. One product takes care of all your cleaning needs.

Since it is super-concentrated, 303 Aerospace Cleaner is typically used at dilutions of 10-1 to 200-1 & greater, depending on the task at hand - see the product label for more information. This new-technology product is perfectly safe to use full strength as a hand cleaner. Super-concentrated, and super-safe, 303 Aerospace Cleaner exceeds EPA standards for biodegradability.

For all-around use, mix with water to desired dilution. Spray on surface. Allow time to penetrate, then rinse with water at highest available pressure. Heavily impacted soils, grease or stains may need agitation or second application. Use a soft nylon bristled brush to brush/scrub fabric. Do not allow product to dry on surface.

To use 303 Aerospace Cleaner on outdoor fabrics, such as awnings, rinse the fabric well and spray or brush on 303 Aerospace Cleaner. Allow time to penetrate, agitate, rinse thoroughly. For heavier soiling/degreasing increase agitation and dwell time. Repeat if necessary.

To protect fabrics in between cleanings, try 303 High Tech Fabric Guard. One application protects and sunscreens for 3 years.