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Montana Original Boar’s Hair Wash Brushes

Montana Original Boar’s Hair Wash BrushesNatural boar’s hair is the choice of so many car collectors because it is one of the safest wash tools you can use on a delicate paint finish. Whether you’re washing a top end luxury sedan or your weekday commuter car, you can bet that any of our boar’s hair brushes will pamper the paint clean.

Boar’s hair is among the most durable natural hairs because it sheds less than horse hair and is sturdier than camel hair. Feathered bristles and excellent water retention make boar’s hair the best choice for a paint-safe, all natural wash brush.

Superior Car Care offers a wide variety of boar’s hair brushes to suit vehicles of any size. Four brushes listed here are threaded for the Telescopic Handle, which changes a car wash brush into an excellent truck and van brush.

No matter what you drive, pamper it with a boar’s hair brush to enjoy a gentle, luxurious car wash experience.

Made in U.S.A.

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My preferred auto wax, Collinite, is not as widely avaiable as I'd like (obviously, I have to order it on-line). Superior always has it in stock, and ships it well ... read more

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