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Connolly Hide Care

Connolly Hide CareLeather care products from the premier name in automotive leather since 1878!

Connolly Leather Tanners and Curriers were established in 1878 by the Connolly Brothers of England. The company is world renowned for producing fine leather interiors for some of the most coveted vehicles in the world: Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Jaguar, and Bentley to name a few. The governing body of England makes its decisions from the comfort of exquisite Connolly Leather seats. If you were to travel to their location in Wimbledon, you would find that they make their fine leather products by the same painstaking process they used when the company was founded.

With this discriminating eye for leather came a responsibility to care for it, so Connolly developed a leather care system to nourish and beautify their leather goods. Collectors of fine automobiles have trusted their leather to Connolly for well over 100 years with good reason: the products live up to the name.

Connolly knows that leather preservation requires more than just cleaning the surface. To maintain the supple, luxurious feeling of leather, you have to nourish it. With the right conditioner, you can expect soft, rich, inviting leather for years to come.

Considering where leather comes from may explain why it requires consistent care to keep it looking and feeling great. Leather is tanned for two reasons: to bind the layers in the leather into a network of interwoven fibers, leaving the leather supple; and to halt the decomposition process. The tanning process is followed by dressing or “fat-liquoring,” which essentially is conditioning performed in the factory. It introduces fatty substances that help the leather remain flexible and resistant to water and wear. But, leather is hygroscopic (naturally absorbs and retains water like a sponge), meaning it’s also susceptible to losing moisture necessary to keep it pliant and soft. Think of leather conditioners (the good ones) as do-it-yourself fat-liquoring. A good conditioner is a like a fountain of youth for your leather--all the nutrients, UV protection and moisture it needs to stay beautiful.

You can trust Connolly Hide Care products because they know fine leather like no one else. Who else could give you the tools to keep their leather beautiful other than the company that made it? Trust the time-tested expertise of Connolly.