Deep Reach Wire Wheel Brushes

Deep Reach Wire Wheel BrushesGo where no wheel brush has gone before!

Wheel designs can be very intricate, and therefore very difficult to clean. These Deep Reach Wire Wheel Brushes allow you to reach deep in between spokes on fancy custom wheels and factory wheels to get them completely clean.

The great part about a long wheel brush is that your hand stays clean because you don’t have to use a towel or your fingers to reach deep areas. The 16” Wire Wheel Brush reaches into large spaces between spokes and cleans all surfaces with its 360° bristles. The 3” chemical resistant bristles are durable, yet gentle on coated and polished wheels. They are designed to resist wheel cleaning chemicals so use this brush with your favorite wheel cleaner.

The 11” Wire Wheel Brush is intended for wheels with smaller openings, like BBS or mesh wire wheels. Its cone-shaped head allows you to clean around lug nuts and into crevices easily.

These Wire Wheel Brushes eliminate two-finger cleaning and black fingernails. The sturdy bristles dislodge baked-on grime better than a towel or sponge can. When you’re finished cleaning your wheels, rinse the brushes and hang them up to dry.

Clean your wheels faster and more thoroughly with the Deep Reach Wire Wheel Brushes.