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Detailing Tools & Microfiber in Bulk

Detailing Tools & Microfiber in BulkYou can never have enough detailing tools and towels! Though microfiber is washable and reusable, you need a stack of towels to perform all the different cleaning jobs your vehicle requires. The same goes for applicators. Detailing experts recommend designating applicators for specific jobs – wax applicators for wax, microfiber applicators for vinyl dressings, sponges for tire dressings, and so on. Keeping those applicators separate prevents cross-contamination of your automotive surfaces. Since you’ll need so many applicators, towels, and tools anyway, you might as well save some money. Take advantage of our special bulk prices on some of our best-selling items.

Stock up on all these great tools and towels now! With all these bulk savings, the only thing you’ll be short on is storage space (and we have solutions for that, too!).