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Dual Action Polishers & Accessories

Dual Action Polishers & AccessoriesMachines make our lives easier in so many ways. Just think, there was a time when the only way to detail your vehicle was by hand! Now, thanks to mechanical polishers, detailing your vehicle is fast, simple, and delivers results beyond our former capabilities.

Polishers were only available to professionals at one time. These heavy-duty orbital polishers were and still are the only way to go for aggressive compounding of flawed finishes. But the average enthusiast found the orbital polisher too powerful for casual detailing. Mistakes were too easy to make. With some design changes, the mechanical polisher morphed into a kinder, gentler machine suitable for all skill levels – the dual action polisher was born.

Dual action polishers are excellent for enthusiasts and detailing novices. These polishers rotate the pad like an orbital polisher, and they move the pad back and forth. The dual motion means that the polisher does not stay in one spot. You might even say it propels itself. This prevents burning the paint. A dual action polisher is ideal for people who are new to mechanical detailing, or just don’t want to risk it.

And a dual-action polisher like the Porter Cable 7424XP and the Meguiars G110 enhance the performance of many rubbing compounds by providing twice the rubbing action. These polishers attack scratches from all sides without the user doing extra work. This multidirectional motion also enhances the results of buffing pads by moving in a faster and more consistent motion that you could by hand.

Check out our selection of dual-action polishers to find the one that best suits your detailing needs. We’ve already weeded out the imitators so we could offer only the best dual-action polishers on the market.