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High Speed Polisher Backing Plates

High Speed Polisher Backing PlatesA quality backing plate makes all the difference when you’re polishing your vehicle with a High Speed Rotary Buffer!

This is the same plate used by the Mercedes-Benz and BMW plants in Germany. It’s widely considered to be the best rotary backing plate you can buy, and you’ll see why. The molded urethane construction allows the plate to bend at the edges to contour to the curves of your vehicle. When you tilt the polisher, the plate will bend to prevent accidental bumps with a blunt edge, which can result in cookie-cutting (crescent-shaped marks in your paint). The urethane is also great at absorbing a lot of the heat generated by the polisher. If the heat is not transferred to the paint, the chances of burning are very minimal.

Steel struts are molded into the core of the urethane to balance the pad as it spins. The edges are beveled to eliminate the risk of the plate hitting the paint. The plated steel threaded insert accommodates any 5/8” diameter shaft.

The Lake Country Backing Plates Grip Easy™ Molded Urethane features Velcro® brand fasteners molded into the urethane to prevent separation problems. Change pads easily by pulling one off and pressing another one in its place.

Use the backing plate preferred by top German automakers. The Backing Plates Grip Easy™ Molded Urethane Backing Plate will reduce heat transfer and wobbling for a safe, even polish every time.