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Hose Connector Shut-Off Valves

Hose Connector Shut-Off ValvesMulti-task with a multi-valve connector!

If you’ve got one spigot but lots of chores to do, get a multi-hose connector and get everything done at once! Connector valves connect one or more hoses to the spigot or to each other. A shut-off valve in each arm of the connector allows you to redirect water flow at the twist of a knob.

Each of the connector valves listed here is made with a swivel connector ring that connects to the spigot or another hose. The swivel connector allows the hose to pivot to prevent kinks. The swivel connector is made of heavy duty plastic on all three of these connectors.

We offer 2 hose connectors:

G-O3V Single Brass Connector Shut-Off Valve
Attach one hose to this single valve connector. This valve can also be used as an inline shut-off valve between two hoses. Constructed from brass, the shut off valve can withstand hot water and high water pressure.
  • Single shut-off valve controls water flow
  • Heavy-duty brass construction
  • Extra large handles for easy grip and turn
  • Easy-on swivel connector prevents hose kinks by allowing hose to turn
  • Withstands hot water temperatures

G-13 Dual Brass Connector Shut-Off Valve
The dual connector accommodates two hoses. If you use both hoses simultaneously, the water coming out of the faucet will be divided evenly between the two hoses. You can perform two jobs at once if desired. If you need the maximum available water pressure – to wash your vehicle, for example – turn off the water flow to one hose by simply twisting the valve.
  • Dual shut-off valve controls water flow for two hoses
  • Heavy-duty brass construction
  • Extra large handles for easy grip and turn
  • Easy-on swivel connector allows hoses to turn to avoid kinks
  • Withstands hot water temperatures

Are you a detailer on the go? Don’t let your hose connection slow you down. The Brass Quick Connector Set allows you to interchange hose attachments in an instant, rather than screwing and unscrewing different hoses and nozzles. Just pull back the rubber ring on the female connector to release the male connector. Switch between the Foamaster foam gun and your favorite nozzle in seconds. Disconnect the hose from the spigot in one quick motion.

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