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Husky Liners Husky Shield Headlite Guard

Husky Liners Husky Shield Headlite GuardPrevent expensive lens replacements!

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The Husky Liners Husky Shield Headlite Guard headlight protection system protects your vehicle’s headlights from damage, preventing the need for costly replacements. This thin layer of urethane film protects your lenses from road debris like sand, salt, and rocks, as well as from damaging UV rays. Husky Shield Headlite Guards offer a long-term layer of protection that will save you time and money!

Chipped, pitted, or UV faded headlights can dramatically minimize the effectiveness of your headlights, eventually leading to the expensive replacement of your lenses—that’ll cost you as much as $400! Husky Shield Headlite Guards help eliminate this problem by protecting your headlights from UV damage and flying road debris. We all know that headlight polishing kits are widely available on the market, but who has the time? Husky Shield Headlite Guards install quickly and the protection they offer lasts longer than headlight polishes.

Unlike headlight polishes that are only effective on headlights that are already damaged, Husky Shield Headlite Guards have the ability to actually prevent damage in the first place. Chips from flying debris, pitting, haziness, and yellowing from UV exposure minimize the effectiveness of your headlights and that can create a dangerous situation when driving at night. Husky Shield Headlite Guards diminish the damaging effects of flying debris and UV rays.

Product Features:
  • Revolutionary impact-resistant urethane film that protects headlights from debris and UV rays
  • Eliminates the need for multiple polishing steps
  • Maintains effectiveness of headlights, keeping you safer on the road at night
  • Available for most popular vehicle makes
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

Keep your vehicle’s headlights shining bright with Husky Shield Headlite Guards.