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Ital Premier Series License Plate Frame

Ital Premier Series License Plate FrameA touch of elegance for your license plate.

When you wrap a present for someone, do you put ribbon on it or not? Of course, a package looks finished with neatly tied ribbon. A license plate frame provides the same finishing touch to your vehicle. It integrates the plate into the overall look of your vehicle and reflects the driver’s attention to detail.

A tasteful license plate frame adds a crisp, neat appearance. Chrome and powder-coated black epoxy are the two fantastic finishes available for your Ital Premier Series Frames. A great counterpart for any type or color of vehicle, you’ll have your car looking top-notch. These sleek, classic frames are first-rate, understated elegance.

The Ital Premium Series frames fit snug and secure to your license plate, smartly trimming the perimeter with a sleek-looking finish. Each is made of ¾ lb. cast alloy for durability. Matching screw caps snap over the fasteners to provide a seamless appeal.

A self-sealing rubber gasket backs up the plate to prevent shifting or rattling. Included is a selection of hardware to ensure that your plate is ready to mount on any type of vehicle. Assembly is simple, taking a minute or two. Detailed instructions are provided.

The Ital Premium Series Frames do not cover the license plate so that you can change your annual renewal stickers without removing the license plate frame. For people that prefer a covered plate, check out the Autocross Lens Frame.

Add the final elegant trim to your vehicle with an Ital Premium Series Frame.

Genuine Altec License Frame Replacement Caps are available at the bottom of the page. If caps become lost through regular wear or frame removal, these caps are a perfect fit!