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Kozak® Polishing Cloths in BULK

Kozak®  Polishing Cloths in BULKWash without water!

People often think of innovations as modern ideas. But Kozak Auto DryWash Cloths are one innovation that has been around sine 1926. During that year, the R.M. Walker Ford Dealership in Batavia, New York was thriving with sales of the Ford Model T. They were doing such a steady business, cars had to be washed every night for demonstrations the next day. Paying for two men to wash cars with soap and water all night was cutting into the dealership’s profits, so they started looking for alternatives. KozaK DryWash Cloths were invented out of simple necessity – to cut out the expense of the car wash. And they worked too. The DryWash Cloths saved 80% of the wet-washing expense; both in time and materials, and it was discovered that the cloths were extremely durable. Each cloth could easily withstand up to 100 cleanings. It didn’t take long for the rest of the nation to catch on and KozaK Drywash Cloths became a staple in the auto care industry.

Today, the same statement holds true. KozaK “Needs no water- it’s a Dry Wash”. The original cloth has changed very little throughout the years. KozaK DryWash Cloths are specially constructed and chemically treated. The fabric is 100% cotton of the finest domestic blend – still one of the world’s softest materials. And only KozaK DryWash Cloths have a double-sided, deep, plush napped finish. The exclusive KozaK formula is then infused within the fabric, which makes the cloth clean like a vacuum – pulling dust, dirt, and contaminants up and away from the automotive surface, and seizing it within the weave. The DryWash Cloths polish the surface as they clean, and the vehicle looks like you’ve just spent hours washing and waxing!

It is simple to use a KozaK DryWash Cloth. First, make sure the vehicle is completely dry. Keeping the DryWash Cloth folded like a thick pad (do not open up like a towel!) wipe lightly, in straight sweeps at first to remove the top layer of dust and dirt. Then refold and repeat... always making sure to knock the pad against your other hand to release the loose, heavier dirt from the napped fibers. To polish car, use clean surface of the cloth and apply heavier pressure. That’s cleaning and polishing in one cloth – without water.

KozaK DryWash Cloths are completely non-abrasive and the process is safe to use on all finishes – even clear coats. And the KozaK formula is safe for your skin and the environment, too. Use KozaK DryWash Cloths on every area of your car except for windows and windshields. The treatment in the cloth is not compatible with washer fluid, so if used on the windshield – streaks can develop. The clothes deliver great results everywhere else.

KozaK Auto DryWash Cloths are ideal for quick cleaning between wet washes. They’re just as remarkable today as they were in 1926.

Super size 4.5 sq. ft.

The individually packaged price for the Kozak® Polishing Cloth is $12.95.