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Leatherique Leather Care

Leatherique Leather CareLeatherique Leather Care Products was created in 1968 by George Pavlisko and Ty Peck in New Jersey. Both men collected and restored classic cars and were passionate about their hobby. Leatherique Leather Care Products arose from George’s need to find a product that would restore the leather in his 1939 4 ¼ Bentley. Nothing he tried was adequate for this special car, so he approached Peck about creating something new. After a lot of work, they produced Leatherique Leather Care Products and, needless to say, his Bentley turned out beautifully. Leatherique has since become beloved by car collectors, enthusiasts, even manufacturers, for its unique, nourishing properties.

Leatherique Pristine Clean and Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil work with a capillary action. The proteins, cleaners, and conditioners find their way deep into the natural pores of the leather and force out the dirt, perspiration, air pollution, and other toxins that dry out and destroy the fibers of the leather, depleting the fibers strength and flexibility, and causing them to deteriorate. Perspiration, and the salts left after its evaporation, easily finds their way into the leather fibers. Where the leather has had contact with human skin is where it deteriorates the fastest.

Preventative maintenance is the key when it comes to leather care. You should treat your leather three to four times a year, once prior to the winter season to prevent cold crack of leather, and once before the heat of the summer to prevent deterioration and shrinkage of heat which result in continued cracking of leather. Use Leatherique Prestine Clean as a maintenance cleaner and conditioner in one easy step, once every few weeks. Leatherique Prestine Clean and Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil may be applied with your hands as heat helps it penetrate. Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil and Leatherique Prestine Clean are safe and natural even for use on equestrian leathers!