The Miracle Towel in BULK

The Miracle Towel in BULKSo soft, so absorbent…it’s miraculous.

The Cobra Miracle Towel set the standard for microfiber with a 70/30 blend of polyester and polyamide and a deep pillowy nap. Now the Miracle Towel has more of what you look for in a microfiber towel: a deeper nap, a satin edge, and double-sided construction. It’s better than ever!

The Miracle Towel has always been our softest, most luxurious microfiber towel. Now it’s even better! With a new satin edge and thicker pile, the Miracle Towel is the ultimate microfiber detailing towel for car care perfectionists.

The Miracle Towel is made of a 70/30 blend of polyester and polyamide, making it extremely soft and tough. Each micro fiber in the Miracle Towel is 100 times smaller than a human hair. When all these microfibers are woven together, the resulting fabric is baby soft with a plush texture that feels like the softest chenille. Compare microfiber to a terry cloth towel – there is no comparison!

The split weave creates a very thick, plush nap that’s capable of absorbing more than 7 times its own weight in moisture! The Miracle Towel can be used for buffing quick detailers, wiping up spills, wiping away liquid waxes, or drying. The Miracle Towel cleans glass to a streak-free shine.

The Miracle Towel is ideal for buffing. The deep nap provides plenty of space for dried wax and residues to accumulate. Many towels can become caked and ineffective; the Miracle Towel keeps working because its thick microfiber loops whisk wax deep into the nap. To buff off quick detailers and spray waxes, the Miracle Towel is unmatched. The nap allows dust, dirt, and lint to move away from the paint to prevent scratching. The soft, satin edge further ensures that the Miracle Towel will not scratch.

In addition to buffing and drying, the Miracle Towel is excellent at cleaning and polishing. The Miracle Towel has an amazing magnetic attraction to dust, dirt, and lint. Use the towel for dry dusting. You’ll be amazed at how the Miracle Towel grabs dust and holds onto it.

To clean up spills or spots, dampen the Miracle Towel with water. One side of the Miracle Towel is covered in shorter, tighter loops that are great for cleaning. You can use a cleaner, but you don’t have to. The Miracle Towel is highly effective using just plain water!

The Miracle Towel is built to outlast all your other detailing towels. Because it’s entirely manmade, the Miracle Towel will keep its shape and softness wash after wash. For the best results, use Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator to clean and restore the Miracle Towel. Never use fabric softener or bleach. Tumble dry on low heat or air dry. The Miracle Towel will come out of the dryer like new!

The Miracle Towel is the ultimate microfiber detailing towel. The fluffy nap, excellent cleaning ability, and soft, satin edge make the Miracle Towel the safest, softest way to detail your vehicle.

16 x 24 inches
Made in Korea