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P21S Wheel Cleaners

P21S Wheel CleanersApproved by German automakers for cleaning wheels prone to brake dust.

The German TUV is an independent consumer testing agency that can make or break a product based on their recommendations. This group is respected worldwide for their rigorous testing and stringent standards. So when the TUV recommended brake pads made with graphite, German auto manufacturers listened. This is the reason why German-made vehicles produce such an inordinate amount of brake dust.

To remove brake dust and thereby prevent its corrosive effects, a German chemist developed P21S Wheel Cleaners. It didn’t take long for top automakers like Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, and Audi, to adopt P21S as their product of choice for cleaning and maintaining their factory alloy wheels.

P21S Wheel Cleaners are not your average cleaners. They safely lift brake dust, road grime, and grease off your wheels without corroding the clear coat on alloy wheels. Many people don’t know their wheels even have a clear coat until they have destroyed it with a harsh cleaner. P21S Wheel Cleaners can be used on any type of wheels or wheel coating without fear of corrosion or abrasion.

P21S Wheel Cleaner comes in two formulas: one for moderately soiled wheels and one for heavily soiled wheels. The High Performance Wheel Cleaner is for wheels that are regularly cleaned and have a relatively thin coating of brake dust. This cleaner is probably all you need for typical American and Japanese vehicles. The Special Performance Gel Concentrate is for wheels with a thick coating of brake dust and grime. These may be neglected wheels or German-made wheels that are prone to brake dust.

P21S Wheel Cleaners are easy to use. Just spray on and rinse off with a powerful stream of water. Tough spots may require some agitation with a sponge.

Unlike most spray-on wheel cleaners, P21S really works. You will never buy another wheel cleaner after you try P21S Wheel Cleaners. Your wheels, German or not, will be sparkling clean and brake-dust free.

Manufactured in Germany.