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Professional Circular Polishers & Accessories

Professional Circular Polishers & Accessories

Circular polishers have been around for decades. They were first invented for use in professional garages, and are still the preferred machine among professional detailers. While dual action polishers have opened up the world of mechanical detailing to enthusiasts and hobbyists, the pros know that the only way to remove scratches, swirls, and oxidation is with a powerful circular polisher.

Because circular polishers supply only a rotating motion, it is up to the user to keep the polisher moving. This enables the user to concentrate on particularly tough scratches or oxidation. A consistent circular motion will wear down the edges of deep scratches more effectively than a dual-action polisher, but there is also a greater risk of burning the paint. With a circular polisher, a skilled user will be able to minimize the risk while still achieving a perfectly smooth finish.

By giving the user more control, a circular polisher also allows you to work at a pace that is comfortable for you. Whereas a dual-action polisher seems to propel itself, an orbital polisher requires your attention to detail to produce the best results. Circular polishers are ideal for experienced detailers who don’t trust their prized vehicle to anyone else.

Below are our preferred tools of the trade. If you are not sure of your skill level, or are new to mechanical polishing, check out our selection of dual-action polishers.