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Reflectix Flex Shade SunShield by Covercraft

Reflectix Flex Shade SunShield by CovercraftYou’ve got it made in the shade with the Reflectix Flex Shade SunShield!

On a hot summer day, the inside of your vehicle feels like an oven! If the heat feels that uncomfortable on your skin, imagine how the dashboard and seats feel. They’re baking all day and the result is going to be dry, cracked vinyl and leather and an overall fading of all interior surfaces.

Protect your vehicle’s interior with the Reflectix Flex Shade SunShield by Covercraft. This custom sunshade fits precisely on the inside of your vehicle’s windshield, completely eclipsing the sun’s intense UV rays. The metallic silver finish reflects the heat and light away from your car’s interior, thereby keeping your cockpit cooler and safe from UV degradation.

The Reflectix Flex Shade SunShield is constructed of metallic laminate covering an air-encapsulated bubble-pack. Made by Covercraft, the Reflectix shade is made to last through many heat waves and summer scorchers.

Covercraft has more than 400 custom patterns for the Reflectix Flex Shade SunShield. There’s sure to be a pattern to fit your car, truck, SUV, or minivan. A custom fit will cover the entire windshield and eliminate those large gaps of light you usually get from universal sunshades.

Just unroll the shade across the inside windshield and use your sun visors to hold the shade in place. When your Reflectix Flex Shade SunShield is not in use, roll it up and tuck it behind a seat or in the optional storage bag available at the bottom of this page. The bag keeps the sunshade clean and safely stowed between uses.

The Reflectix Flex Shade SunShield offers custom protection against intense UV rays. Over 400 patterns mean you’ll get a sunshield fit for your vehicle.

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Note: This is a custom product. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery. This item ships from the manufacturer via ground service only. Expedited and international shipping are not available.

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