Professional Polishers Backing Plates

Professional Polishers Backing Plates

The performance of your polisher depends largely on the quality of your backing plate. A soft foam pad is the only thing between the backing plate and your paint so you have to choose one that will take the brunt of your polisher’s pressure and heat without transferring it to the pad. Below is a long list of backing plates for both dual action and circular polishers. We’ve found these to be of the highest quality and second to none in terms of performance.

All of these plates are built for heavy-duty use whether in a body shop or in your personal garage. Industrial strength Velcro® covers the face of each plate, grasping the pad securely during use. They will not slip or slip or slide out of place regardless how aggressively you use it.

We offer a range of sizes for both D.A.s and circulars so be sure to get the one (or more) that’s the appropriate size for your machine. Pay careful attention to the size of the plate when making your selection. You want to get pads that are at least an inch larger so the edge of the backing plate will not touch your paint.

Unlike cheaper versions, these backing plates won’t transfer heat, hence no ventilation holes. Your pad will not get hot. The plate screws directly into your buffer, and the appropriate pad aligns with the circumference of the plate and locks itself into place with thousands of hooks-and-eyes.

Take note of features like beveled edges or flexible materials. These lessen the risk of bumping the plate against your paint.

With our great selection, you’re sure to find a backing plate that is perfect for your polisher and your vehicle.