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Sponges & MittsWhat tool you use to wash your vehicle is just as important as the shampoo. If there’s one thing everyone should know about washing a vehicle, it’s how to prevent swirls. Swirls are often caused by using a flat-weave mitt, a dense sponge, or an ordinary household towel. They do not allow dirt that comes off your paint to accumulate inside the fibers. Instead, you continue to push it around on your paint, causing swirls.

While there are several causes of swirls, you can virtually eliminate this one by using a plush mitt or a natural sea sponge. The pores in the sea sponge give dirt a place to go, other than back onto your paint. Wash mitts are a bit more complex because there are so many to choose from. A sheepskin mitt is a great choice because it has a thick nap and it’s very soft. Abrasive particles can accumulate deep in the fibers, away from your paint. Cotton chenille mitts and pads are soft, woven cotton with lots of loops to trap dirt. The Cobra Microfiber Mitt is also ideal because dirt gets trapped in the weave.

In addition to wash mitts and sponges, Superior also carries sponges to help you safely remove stubborn bugs and tar. Since we know you like your interior as clean as the exterior, we’ve also included the Cobra E-Z Wipe for dusting interior surfaces.

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