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Tire & Trim Dressings

Tire & Trim DressingsProperly dressed tires and trim work look great for the long haul. Tires and trim that are properly cared for will look better now, and regular application of the appropriate products will maintain that like-new look for years to come. Your vehicle’s tires and trim are exposed to harsh contaminants that will cause fading, drying and cracking over time. Premium tire and trim dressings offer both shine and protection, ensuring that your vehicle looks great for many years to come. Here you will find tire and trim dressings from the top brands including Blackfire, Pinnacle, Wolfgang and more.

The key to maintaining the like-new appearance of your tires and trim is to make their care a part of your car care routine. With a little extra effort, every inch of your vehicle can look as though it just rolled out of the showroom.