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Towels, Chamois & Drying Tools

Towels, Chamois & Drying ToolsNever underestimate the importance of drying your vehicle! One day you will look at your vehicle and wonder where all those spots came from and why can’t you remove them? Water spots are not permanent when they first form, but they will be soon enough.

Water contains minerals, whether it’s from your faucet or from the sky. If water is allowed to sit on your vehicle, these minerals will form outlines on your paint as the water evaporates. Over time, these lines will become etched into your paint permanently. Prevent these spots from the beginning by using any of our innovative drying tools, towels, and chamois.

Below are the finest natural chamois, synthetic chamois, microfiber towels, blowers, and drying tools. They will help you properly dry your vehicle keeping the surface clean and spot-free. It only takes a few minutes to prevent avoidable spotting and pitting!