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Wheel & Tire Cleaners, Polishes and Waxes

Wheel & Tire Cleaners, Polishes and WaxesWheel & Tire Cleaners, Polishes and Waxes

A perfectly detailed vehicle starts with perfectly clean wheels! Neglecting to properly clean and polish wheels and tires leaves your car looking less than perfect. When it’s a show-car shine you’re after, the wheels and tires need the same consideration that your paint receives. Proper wheel and tire maintenance requires a wheel cleaner, tire cleaner, wheel polish and tire dressing. We carry the top brands preferred by professional detailers and car care enthusiasts alike including P21S, 3M, Griot’ s Garage, SONAX, Mothers, Blackfire, Wolfgang, Pinnacle, Meguiars and more.

P21S Wheel Cleaners were formulated by a German chemist concerned with proper removal of corrosive brake dust from delicate wheel surfaces. P21S Wheel Cleaner comes in two compositions: Regular and gel. No matter which formula you choose, the results will be unmistakable. The ultra-safe formulations lift brake dust, road grime and grease off of wheels without damaging or corroding clear coat on alloy wheels. Simply spray on and rinse off with a jet of water to achieve dazzling results.

Meguiars wheel cleaning products offer the safety and effectiveness that you’ve come to expect from over 100 years of experience in the car care industry. Meguiars Wheel cleaners, polishes and protectants offer the solutions that you need to keep your wheels in top condition. Meguiars user-friendly formulas make detailing your wheels easy.

SONAX Full Effect Wheel Cleaner is the wheel cleaner for heavily soiled wheels. This wildly popular formula changes color as it attacks brake dust, so you can actually see it working. This acid-free, pH balanced wheel cleaner powers through baked on brake dust and grime without harming the wheel. Use it on all wheels, including aluminum and alloys.

Each product line features its own unique benefits, so you will surely find the one that suits your needs. With the right products, your perfectly detailed vehicle will be within reach.